UNIK aims to promote the development of kinesiology respecting national and international concepts.
Its goals:
- Gathering professional kinesiologists, instructors, schools and students.
- Enable a professional training by instructors certified by the national and international
creators or their representatives
- Promote internal and external communication
- Regroup and unite members
- Represent and defend Kinesiology
- Ensure good relationship among practitioners, between practitioners, the public and
the practitioners from other disciplines.

Kinesiology Students, Kinesiologists, Instructors, Schools, join us!

Our Approach

Creating connections between every Kinesiologist in France:

- Students,

- instructors,

- Schools,

- Creators,

- Professionals

Offer everyone a place of listening and meeting in respect and kindness.

Our ambition

Raise awareness about the diversity and the wealth of the different concepts in kinesiology to

professionals and to the public.

The board

Anne Wojtyna 

Kinesiologist, Touch For Health IKC Instructor and TIOC (Three In One Concepts®) Instructor up to level 6. Reiki Usui master.

Very happy to take part in UNIK for an ethical, recognized, quality training, to share with other kinesiologists, promote kinesiology to the public and the authorities, support our students during their training and help them to settle as professionals.


Bernadette Naud

Kinesiologist, Three In One Concepts® Faculty for France and Switzerland. Three In One Concepts® full curriculum Instructor. (Level 1 to 13, Universal Series advanced workshops and short workshops) Touch For Health, TFH Metaphors and TFH Proficiency IKC Instructor.      Co-founder of the Centre Formation Méditerranée. Osteopath D.O. for 31 years.

I am delighted to be part of this great adventure that is UNIK and that I hold very dear.

Brigitte Bataille

Member of Brain Gym International, Edu-K instructor (Brain Gym 1-2, Optimal Brain Organization, Movement Dynamics, Vision Circles, The 7 dimensions of Intelligence). Wellness Kinesiology Instructor (level 1, 2, 3 and Defusing negative personality traits), and Kinésiologie Harmonique Instructor (Level 1 and 2). I have been working in my practice for 16 years where I receive children and adults to help them to fulfill their potential through kinesiology.

Françoise Gombault

Kinesiologist. I chose to be a founding member of UNIK to participate in the evolution and development of kinesiology and make it more visible. To communicate, share and work with professionals of the same discipline, who have same values, integrity, kindness, openness, all in mutual respect.

Ingrid Redon

Kinesiologist, Edu-K Instructor.

Kinesiology helped me with gentleness, kindness and efficiency in a period of deep personal and professional challenge a few years ago. My training gave me the ability to help others, children and adults alike.

I am happy to contribute today to further people’s awareness of kinesiology through UNIK.

Laurence Bastide 

Kinesiologist, Touch For Health and TFH Metaphors IKC Instructor.

Brain Gym (1-2) Instructor. Founder of CFK Bordeaux (Kinesiology Training Center) and relaxation therapist.

I am delighted to take part in UNIK.

Nathalie Escoffier

Kinesiologist, Brain Gym International Faculty, Edu-K Instructor.

It was first the discovery of the Brain Gym that transformed my life as a teacher. Then naturally, the great wealth of kinesiology became obvious to me. I strive to enrich my practice and make it evolve. That is why I am excited about the creation of this new sharing group that

UNIK offers us.

Nicole Ferrara

Kinesiologist. It is with great enthusiasm that I teach the following techniques: TIOC (three In One Concepts®) up to level 7, Touch For Health and TFH Metaphors (IKC), Stress Release up to level 3. Founder and responsible for a Training Center in Marseille for over 15 years. I have been teaching Yoga since 1980.

Patricia Lemasson

Kinesiologist. TIOC Facilitator and NLP Master Practitioner. Being in contact, being kind and listening to patients were part of my life as a medical secretary. It is quite natural that my choice fell on Kinesiology, which gives me the ability to help others more deeply and gently.

Pierre-Jean Vanden Houdt

Kinesiologist, osteopath, I teach the Touch For Health, the TIOC (Three In One Concepts®) and an original method that I co-created: the Kinésiologie Crânio-Sacrée.

I am also passionate about the practice of psycho-genealogy and Symbolism, which I also teach.

Sylvie Fregnani

Consultant, Psycho-corporal teacher in PACA area. 

Kinesiologist, Bird Language and Symbolism teacher.